Stefano is a young psychiatrist. Kind, good-looking and empathetic, he has been fascinated by psychiatry since he was a child. Educated in Bologna, he is back in Sicily looking for new clients to establish his practice. He works out of his home, a modernist flat that he shares with his wife. Among his first patients are two sisters who live together. Chiara is pretty and vivacious but accident-prone. She's had three car crashes in the past month... are these accidents intentional? Letizia is mousy and withdrawn but intellectually curious. The two are fiercely competitive and constantly bickering. Stefano treats them equally and separately. He gets along well with all his patients. But when new client enters the scene - a man who shares his name - things start to go wrong. This other Stefano though devious and cruel, quickly wins the therapist's trust. Using sophisticated equipment, bad Stefano spies on his fellow patients. He uses this information to plant the seeds of suspicion in ...

Duration: 97 min



IMDb: 6.9